Project Based Learning

Here is the project based learning that you can complete with your child, covering all aspects of the curriculum, as well as being lots of fun! If you complete any of the activities, please feel free to send me photos to share and celebrate all the fantastic learning at home! Email photos to; 

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Week 8- Journey Around the World!

The stimulus for learning this week is exploring our world. Key Stage Two will focus on the journey of a cyclist around the world.

Key Stage One will look at the different continents , hot and cold climates and then prepare to go on holiday!

Please click on the links below…

Journey Around the World

EYFS KS1 Resources Journey Around the World

KS2 Resources Journey Around the World


Week 7- Let’s Celebrate Eid Al Fitr! 2020

Week 7 is all about the celebration Eid Al Fitr! Children will learn about Ramadan and how Muslims celebrate Eid. Children will make cards, biscuits and learn how to design a Mendhi pattern! Please email any photos of these activities to Hope you enjoy this week!

Let’s Celebrate Eid !

EYFS KS1 EID Resources

KS2 EID Resources








Week 6 – Pets at Home!

Week 6 is all about PETS! The Pets at Home topic gives children to explore all the fantastic work the charity; The Blue Cross do for animals. Children will explore the welfare needs of different pets and the financial commitments of having a pet! Additionally, the children will learn about the history of the Blue Cross and identify the ways the charity help pets and their owners. 


Pets at Home Planning

EYFS KS1 Pets at Home

KS2 Pets at Home 


Week 5 – A Moment in Time!

This week we focus on PSHE and our mental health during our project based learning this week. Ms. Harrison was sent a booklet that children can complete throughout the week, helping children to understand what Corona Virus is, addresses their worries and helps them to focus on the future! I hope the children enjoy making their time capsules! Please click the links below…..


   A Moment in Time Planning

   EYFS KS1 Resources

   KS2 Resources

  Additional Home Resources



This is Grace’s poster from RGG!

Well done Grace!





Week 4

This week the project based learning is all about clouds! This involves learning about the different types of clouds and how they are formed. Also, EYFS and Key Stage One read the lovely story ‘Cloudette’, all about a small cloud that wants to be big! Between 9.30- 10.30 am, the focus is Maths and English. As your children complete the CGP books we gave out before school closed, they can now access the BBC Bitesize website and the Oak National Academy. These are daily Maths and English lessons. On the Oak National Academy, videos of actual teachers, teaching lessons are available, complete with tasks for your children to complete! Please click the links below to visit these resources; 

          Cloud Bursting Planning

          Cloud Resources








Some Crossacres cloud work….







Week 3

Here is the planning for our theme  Let’s Fly Away! This topic based learning focuses on Manchester Airport who have made public a story book called; ‘Reach for the Stars’ which was published for their 80th Birthday recently. Accompanying this story book is a workbook for KS2 children that we have utilised in this planning.

Please click on the link below…

Let’s Fly Away V3 


EYFS KS1 Let’s Fly Away

KS2 Let’s Fly Away







Week 2

Here is our planning ‘Terrific Trees.’ The stimuli for this is the tree seedlings Mr. Dorey has sourced for the school. The children will be learning all about trees, why we need trees and the different part of trees!

Terrific Trees V3

Terrific Trees Resources











Week 1

Under the Sea Project V2

Resources Under the Sea

Here are some fantastic examples of work the children have completed this week as part of our Under the Sea theme!