French in Year 6

Niveau Tricolore


    In the Autumn term, your child will be learning:

  • To use the informal greeting Salut !
  • How to ask someone how they are, and how to respond (informal language)
  • How to use et toi ? as a devise for asking a question
  • The months of the year
  • How to ask the date of someone’s birthday, and how to say the date of your birthday
  • The names of some typical classroom objects
  • The letters of the French alphabet
  •  About formal and informal language, s’il vous plaît, s’il te plaît
  • About la Fête de Saint Nicolas (Saint Nicholas’s Day) and how it is celebrated
  • About how Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are celebrated
  • How to ask for, and give, something politely
  • How to spell my name, and other familiar words, using French alphabet letters
  • How to say what my nationality is
  • How to say which languages are spoken in the UK, and if I can speak other languages
  • How to say a postal address