Stay Safe Online

Now, more than ever, it is vital that you make sure your children are staying safe on the Internet.  Below, you can find a number of different resources to keep your children informed and able to use the Internet safely:

Learn about the dangers of different apps and games here. – Top tips for if you see something scary online.

5 things parents should know about screentime. – Games and educational videos, managed by CEOP. – Where to report online abuse to the police. – Download E-Safety Activity Packs. – Advice for parents and children to stay safe online. – Resources for 3-11 year olds and parents. – Online safety advice for Key Stage Two.



Guides to Help You Stay Safe:


Instagram – A Parents Guide

Instagram – Blocking People

Instagram – Help a Friend in Need

Instagram – Learn How to Address Abuse

Instagram – Privacy and Safety Tips

Instagram – Safety in the Online Community

Basic Privacy Settings for Facebook

Controlling your Visibility on Instagram

Homesafe from Talk Talk

Safely Raising Children in an Online World

Parents Guide to Tik Tok

Setting Snapchat Privacy Settings

Parents Guide to Snapchat