Adult Online Courses

There are some amazing opportunities to learn new skills and gain qualifications online.  Below is a selection of free online courses that are aimed at adults.  Enjoy. 



Introductory Courses:

Learn My Way – Computing and Internet skills.

Make it Click – Using Google and Microsoft software, creating CV’s, using Google calendar, creating social media content, webinars, Facebook, Twitter, Zoom etc.

Learn for Everyday Life – Using the Internet, creating presentations, public speaking, job interviews etc.

Everyday Maths Skills – Everyday maths skills.


Intermediate Courses:

Create a Professional Online Presence – Boost your social media presence.

Thriving in the Digital Workplace – Digital skills at work.

How to Create Great Online Content – Make online content a success and learn how to create engaging content.

Presenting Your Work with Impact – Learn how to make fantastic presentations.

Digital Skills: Social Media – Using Social Media for business.


Advanced Courses:

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Get certified in the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Learn to Code for Data Analysis – Learn programming, to analyse and visualise open data.

Programming Essentials – Learn how to code using Python.

Introduction to Cyber Security  – Stay safe online.