The curriculum at Crossacres Primary Academy is built around the National Curriculum.  Children are taught the essential knowledge that they need to be educated adults.  It introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said; it promotes an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.  Crossacres uses the National Curriculum as a basis to develop exciting and stimulating lessons which promotes the development of pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills.

Our learning extends beyond the National Curriculum and pupils are taught about social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of life. Our curriculum is also enhanced by the provision of Forest Schools, music lessons and visits to the surrounding area to give pupils first-hand experiences, which will develop their knowledge and skills further.

Our school is based in Wythenshawe.  This is a challenging area.  Our curriculum powerfully addresses social disadvantage by ensuring that it meets the particular needs of our children.  The curriculum includes learning about healthy eating, the importance of exercise, staying safe, and mental well-being.

Each National Curriculum subject is planned out for each year group, identifying skills and knowledge to be taught each term.  These plans are available below:




The curriculum challenges our children to leave their comfort zones and to try new things; our children actively seek out new challenges in order to better themselves, both academically and socially.  Alongside their academic endeavours, we also encourage our children to challenge themselves to make positive, confident and brave contributions to our local community.  Our curriculum challenges our children to tackle each problem with curiosity and calm assurance.  They know that making mistakes is the key to learning and that resilience is an attribute that we greatly respect.




Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all pupils make progress academically, physically, artistically and ethically.  Our children grow and develop to be kind and thoughtful members of the community.  Our pupils work hard in lessons to make the best academic progress that they can and, through nurturing a lifelong love of learning, our curriculum equips them to do this.  They know that hard work and dedication equips them with the tools to succeed in later life.  




Our staff and our children relentlessly aspire to be better.  We know that with hard work and dedication, we can achieve anything.  The aspirations of our children are limitless and provide the baseline upon which our imaginative, creative and challenging curriculum is developed.  Our children aspire to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives; our curriculum empowers all pupils to do this.  We believe that all of our children can aspire to greatness.   Our curriculum is designed to let our children learn that they can dream and aspire without restriction; anything is possible and our children deserve the right to pursue their ambitions.


All of our teaching staff are more than happy to discuss any element of the curriculum that your child will be following.

The Academy follows the National Curriculum, which can be found at: –