Our English Curriculum


 We use the National Curriculum expectations in English to form our long term English plans; 

The 2014 Primary National Curriculum: Key Stage 1&2 Framework by Shurville... PB   Click here for more information…

Year One

Year 1 Lit Objectives 

Year 1 Spelling Appendix 

VGP Year 1 

Year Two

Year 2 Lit objectives 

Year 2 Spelling Appendix 

VGP Year 2 

Year Three

Year 3 Lit objectives 

VGP Year 3 

Year Four

Year 4 Lit Objectives 

VGP Year 4

Year Five

Year 5 Lit objectives

VGP Year 5

Year Six

VGP Year 6 

Year 6 Lit objectives



Key Stage Two Spelling

Crossacres Long Term Spelling Plan




At Crossacres Primary Academy, we follow the National Curriculum for English, which can be found here.