Foundation Stage Management Team

Mrs Cordwell– Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Stewart – Assistant Headteacher
Miss Hutchinson – Foundation Stage Lead Teacher 

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Welcome to Foundation Stage
This is our bright, colourful and purposeful Foundation Stage, that we are very proud of. It was newly built in 2013 and is designed to accommodate 65 Nursery and 90 Reception children. The children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Every parent and child has a Key Worker appointed to them to ensure a smooth transition from home to school and to also guide them through Foundation Stage to KS1. In this caring environment we educate and offer exciting learning opportunities to help your child succeed as they begin their journey on their school career.Please use the Links to look at the Foundation Stage curriculum, staff members, assessment, topics, lunchtimes and calendar for the year.
Ofsted EYFS Curriculum EYFS Profile

“Children are happy and settled in the bright, stimulating environment which encourages them to be active, creative and confident learners. They make outstanding progress by the end of Reception.”

Ofsted 2011

Click the link below to see how  we help our Nursery and Reception children to develop their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural skills.