Every child is an Artist

Vision Statement

At Crossacres Academy we want every child to fulfill their creative potential in an individual and expressive manner through Art & Design, Creative Writing, Music, Dance and Drama.

We believe the importance of developing every child’s inner artist, as idea’s and creativity are a vital part of their education. Such skills are just as valuable to us as Reading, Writing and Mathematics and will help them to find themselves, their individuality with no rights or wrongs, in a safe, comfortable environment where the sky is the limit!  

The Children’s Art’s education will build year on year to develop the skills needed so that by the end of their education with us they are able to demonstrate their unique talents and techniques learnt preparing them for their future, the World of Culture and the many types of expression within it.

We provide a rich broad topic curriculum where every child partakes in the Arts in class, on trips, whole school art projects, competitions and galleries. Furthermore we are very fortunate that we have a number of amazing Artists who work with the children in our school. There is also a broad range of After School Clubs available where the children can further develop their creativity such as Art & Crafts Club, Drama Club, Music sessions, Dance sessions & Photography.

Miss Hutchinson-Art Co-ordinator.


Art & Design National Curriculum

KS1 & KS2 Programme of Study.
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