Year 6 Planning

Year 6 Timetable – 1st June

Year 6 Children’s Activities – 1st June 


This week in Year 6 the children will be revising some of their arithmetic skills, including factors, multiples and primes, cube and square numbers, multiplication and division, and percentages. Each lesson has an arithmetic activity and a problem linked to the arithmetic skills they have been practising. In English, the children will do a reading comprehension activity on Monday followed by a writing unit using a video called ‘Road’s End’ which can be found using the links provided. They will be revising some of their grammar skills, including using noun phrases, speech punctuation and semi-colons, and will be using these skills to create some descriptive pieces of writing. In science the children will start their Evolution topic by investigating how characteristics can be passed between parents and offspring, using dog breeds as an example. In history they will be discovering why the Vikings invaded Lindisfarne and sorting these reasons into different groups. In art they will be introduced to Surrealism. In PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education), the children will be thinking about their goals for the future and how they can achieve them. In French they will be learning how to talk about modes of transport. Finally, they will continue to read their class novel, ‘Holes’.

Year 6 – Timetable – 8th June

Year 6 – Children’s Activities – 8th June


Listen to Miss Parker reading from the Year 6 class novel, Holes.  Like and subscribe to get all of the updates!  This is brilliant!


This week in Year 6’s science lesson we will be learning about Charles Darwin – a famous scientist whose theory of evolution changed science forever. In history, we will be looking at why Viking longships helped them to become such successful invaders. In PSHE the children will be finding out about the effects smoking has on different parts of the body. The children will also be learning some basic first aid skills; in particular, what to do when someone is bleeding, when someone gets burned or when someone is having an asthma attack. They will continue to look at surrealism in art. In English, the children will continue on the theme of mystery stories by working on a spooky film called ‘Alma’. This week they will be getting to grips with the story and doing some descriptive writing. In maths, this week is all about fractions with some very challenging problems to tackle alongside the fractions arithmetic! Finally, don’t forget to check out the Crossacres YouTube channel for the latest instalments of our class novel.

Year 6 – Timetable – 15th June

Year 6 -Science Activities – 15th June

Year 6 – French Activities – 15th June

Year 6 – Activities for Children – 15th June

Year 6 – Maths and English – 15th June

This week in maths, year 6 will be focusing on honing their problem solving skills: working systematically, finding all possible answers and explaining their reasoning. In English, they will start the week with a comprehension based on the book The Last Wild and will then continue with their spooky mystery stories based on ‘Alma’. This week’s science lesson looks at human evolution and in history the children will find out more about the Vikings as traders and explorers. In French, the children will learn to talk about what they enjoy doing at break time. In PSHE, they will be investigating the effect of different drugs on the body and completing the second part of the British Red Cross first aid programme. Finally, in art they will be creating a surrealist masterpiece of their own!

Year 6 – Timetable – 22nd June

Year 6 – Children’s Activities – 22nd June


This week’s maths focus for Year 6 is solving logic problems – these can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so there is lots of variety this week! In English, our comprehension lesson will be reading an extract from Pig Heart Boy and considering the issues around organ donations and transplants. The writing for the week will be based on a music video, Titanium, by David Guetta. In science the children will be looking at animal adaptations, in art they will be continuing their surrealist pictures, in PSHE they will be thinking about how to cope with peer pressure, and in history they will be finding out about King Canute.


Year 6 – Timetable – 29th June

Year 6 – Children’s Activities – 29th June

Year 6 – English and Maths – 29th June