Year 5 Planning

Year 5 Planning – 1st June

This week in year 5, we will be focusing on arithmetic skills, including multiplication and adding / subtracting decimals mentally, which will be followed by a weekly arithmetic test. Also, we would like the children to keep practising their 3, 4, 6, 8 times tables and notice the relationship between the 3’s and 6’s; the 4’s and 8’s. In English this week, the children will be learning the spelling patterns of -ant and -ance; learning about using apostrophes for possession; a comprehension about Captain Tom and finally, evaluating a narrative poem called the Highwayman. Our class novel is War Horse, which children will be able to view the reading sessions on our Crossacres YouTube channel. In other subjects, Children will be learning about the life cycles of plants; comparing and evaluating artwork from Gormley and Stewart;  researching geographical features of France and reflecting on their feelings about eventually returning to school  in PHSE. 

Year 5 – Timetable – 8th June

Year 5 – Activities for Children – 8th June


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This week, in maths, we are looking at converting measures and mass. For writing, we are evaluating the language and descriptive devices used in the Highwayman poem, whilst we are continuing to read War Horse. In art, we are designing and having a go at making a sculpture with any resources available at home. In Science, we are finding out about the life cycles of animals. Lastly, for geography, we are comparing the physical features in France to the UK. Thank you to everyone who has shared images of work completed by their child/children. 

Year 5 – Timetable – 15th June

Year 5 – Children’s activities – 15th June

Hi. Hope everyone is well! Thank you to all the work you have sent us so far, we really appreciate it! We are giving 10 class Dojos to each child when their work is sent to us online. 

This week in maths, we are starting to look at converting units of time, as well as practising arithmetic and times tables. In English, we are planning our own version of The Highwayman from the point of view of Bess. We are continuing to read War Horse which will be on the Crossacres Youtube channel. In foundation, we are looking at the life cycle of Mammals and insects.  In art children will evaluate their sculptures and in geography, children will learn how to use grid references to locate places on maps.  

Year 5 – Timetable – 22nd June

Year 5 – Geography Activities for Children – 22nd June

Year 5 – Science Activities for Children – 22nd June

Year 5 – Art Activities for Children – 22nd June

Year 5 – Maths Activities – 22nd June

Year 5 – English Activities – 22nd June

Year 5 – week beginning 29th June


Hi. I hope we weren’t too hot last week! Again, thank you to all the children that have sent their work over to us – we really appreciate your efforts!

This week in English, we are: editing and writing our final draft of the Highwayman, learning about pronouns, spelling -tious ending words, completing a comprehension and listening to chapters 12 to 16 of War Horse. In maths, we are learning how to convert time, solving problems and completing our weekly arithmetic and times tables test. In foundation, we are learning about animal reproduction, growing new plants, using 6 figure grid references and completing our final sculpture and evaluation.

Any problems, just send me a dojo 

Many thanks

Mr S Dorey

Year 5 – Timetable – 29th June

Year 5 – Maths Activities – 29th June

Year 5 – English Activities – 29th June

Year 5 – Foundation Activities – 29th June