Kingswood 2017

In the summer term of the next academic year we are hoping to take the children on a residential trip to The Kingswood Peak Venture Centre.  We took the current Year 4 cohort on this trip and it proved to be a fantastic success, with the children enjoying a successful and fulfilling trip.


The trip will involve us travelling to the Kingswood Centre on Monday 19th June and returning to school on Wednesday 21st June.  The children will get to take part in a variety of outdoor activities and will be under supervision by qualified staff members and instructors for all activities.

Information about the Kingswood Centre can be found at:

Pictures from last year’s trip can be seen on the Class Dojo school page or the Facebook school page.


The cost of board and lodging is £125.  We are also asking for an additional voluntary contribution of £11 towards the cost of the transport.

Many thanks

Mrs Williamson, Mr Butler and Mrs Hampson